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Please see description of my process under the Offset Lithography tab.

"j" book

I did not start out to make these images into books.  My original idea was to do a flip book on the way to making a film of these images.  However, the flip book didn't work very well.  Pages were too big and floppy.  However, I did find it very interesting to just look at each image one after another and to note the various small changes that were part of the process.  

So I took my stack of images to a local binder of text books in Cleveland, and he bound a couple of them for me.  I gave to very first books to Marjorie Talalay and Nina Castelli Sundell, co-directors of the then New Gallery in Cleveland.

When I finally had several acceptable stacks of images to be bound, I looked for a place that could bind them more beautifully.

I learned about The Center for Book Arts in New York City.  I took my books to Richard Minsky, founder of The Center for Books Arts when they were still in a loft on either Bond or Great Jones Street.  He did beautiful "flex bindings" on about 8 of my books, using silk fabric and end papers that I provided.  

One copy of my "Z" book was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art, along with a series of 10 small offset prints.

Please take a look at my videos to get an idea of what my alphabet books look like.  And please see a description of my process under the Offset Lithography tab.

"W  i  g  T  Z"  pages, music Erik Satie, 9 min., 2016

"W"  "i"  "g"  "T"  "Z" pages

i 1
i - 2
i - 3
i - 4
i - 5
i - 6
i - 7
i -
i - 9
i - 10
i - 11
i - 12
i - 13
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